Music helps to become better version of you. If you are not honest about music, you cannot play it. Audience is very sensitive. 


What motto/slogan would represent you and your art the most?  

 - To be honest always. If you don’t feel in hearts, the audience will not feel either


What do you value the most in music?

 - I like its depth. It is infinite. At the beginning you study notes, test your skills, and complete technical tasks, after that, other tasks will begin, you perform author’s concept, then you search for your opinion and so on, the process is endless. Because person upgrades his skills every day and therefore you cannot play at the same level twice. Therefore I like live performances. I like to play and be a listener. To feel music “now and here” is awesome feeling. 


Many musicians say that they get to know themselves more and open own new talents because of your art…How the music influenced you?

 - I like this question. Power of Music is educative. Definitely. We don’t understand this when we are young. It seems that someone is mocking us. But then we start to get benefits. Such as firmness, perfectionism, power to bring everything to an end, clarify complicated moments. Because when you perform the music you need all these skills.


What does music mean to you? 

 - I always feel that music helps me to experience feelings that were unfamiliar to me like love, separation, pain and loss. I also liked to make up stories. Young man meets young lady and the story marches.  I played it. Imagining new plots. Always different.

Music helps to become better version of you. If you are not honest about music, you cannot play it. Audience is very sensitive. 


Who are your idols?

 - I stopped idolizing. As I started to communicate closely with many celebrities and they were different in life and I got shocked. But this fact does not conceal their great results at work.  It's just that my emotions from music have always been very strong, and I prefer to admire specifically WHAT a person does, and not the person himself. 


If you weren't a musician, what would you be?

 - My life turned like that I had to do many things. I was a manager, arranger, taxi driver, nanny, director, publisher, media manager, video editor and even sewed masks. But everywhere I desired to do everything at the highest level fairly and sincere. Definitely, it is important to me to be creative and to be able to create. Masterpieces preferably. 


Do you think that musicians have all opportunities to become popular and successful in Kazakhstan (on globally)? Why? 

 - Difficult question for me. Frankly, music world have not suffered much since my departure from Kazakhstan. I was quartet member, we got together since we were students and I realized that we were destined to entertain wedding guests and give free concert at care centers without a pull in the right places. But. We live in amazing time. Time of sharp pandemic; old stereotypes have been simply destroyed. All the beaten paths were washed away by a blizzard of uncertainty and we have to build everything a brand new.  Internet has made it possible for ANYONE to become popular in general. I can list up couple of dozen examples. So, my answer is yes.  It is possible to become popular from any part of the world if you are confident in what you do and love it. 


What is the ideal life for you as a musician?

 - It is simple. I am an absolute fan of string quartet. To be honest I haven’t met anyone alike. When I realized that this is mine, I just lost senses in a good way. As a result: I gathered a quartet, we became students of Zhubanova State String Quartet, and I became its Manager, packed the house, organized concerts for children, author’s concerts, mastered the viola in 2 months to act as a good violist in the quartet, we participated in competitions, went to master classes of the best quartet teachers in Switzerland, I collected the notes of Kazakhstani string quartet composers such as Gaziza Zhubanova, Arman Zhaiym, Kuat Shildebayev and made the FIRST edition, released a whole collection, having received the State grant. I moved to America and then assembled my own quartet and we performed and played Kazakh compositions everywhere. So I’m a fan. And I only see myself in a quartet.