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Prizewinner of the Republican and International Competitions.

Concert soloist.

Awarded with an entry to Gifted Children Book of Pavlodar Region

Honored with Merit Letters and Diplomas of Kazakhstan and Russia for participation in concerts and events including her performance at EXPO-2017 from the Russian Federation, namely on behalf of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg Cities. 

Performed as a soloist with Astana Philharmonic Orchestra on behalf of Pavlodar City. 

Today, Xeniya is an artist of Pavlodar Regional Philharmonic Orchestra and Kazakh Musical Drama Theater named after Bayzakov​

and Kazakh Musical Drama Theater named after ​Aimautov

​Being a Soloist of AVRORA project, she performs modern hits on electric cello.

AA&A / Ксения Делиахметоглу ENG: Услуги
AA&A / Ксения Делиахметоглу ENG: Фото


1. What slogan would represent you and your art the most?

- Music is a key that opens Your inner world!

2. What do you value the most in music?

- Music’s merit for me is ability to share with feelings, emotions that I perceive and reach listener’s very depths.  

3. Many musicians say that they get to know themselves more and open own new talents because of your art…How the music influenced you?

Actually, Music upgrades in many spheres, first of all, it is a discipline, routine hard work. It is development and spirituality as if You have nothing to give during performance, then You cannot be interesting to listener.

Sincerity, You need to devote your rich inner world to Music.

4. What does music mean to you?

 - Music is a part of me! When I perform I devote my soul to it, and when I listen, I am fuelled by it!

5. Who are your idols?


My first and current beloved idol is Mstislav Rostropovich, of course. Every time I listen to him, I learn something new! Misha Maisky – I could write about his interpretations a lot, but it is worth to listen him once and You will understand me!

And finally, 2cellos Croatian Duo, these guys inspired me to electric cello and demonstrated that modern and popular hits can be performed on cello.

6. If you weren't a musician, what would you be?

 - Most likely, I would do something related to the Art, I would search for a chance to transform my energy into something beautiful, or I would become an actress.

7. Do you think that musicians have all opportunities to become popular and successful in Kazakhstan (on globally)? Why?

 -   Of course, there is a lot of room to become a demanded musician, the main thing is to be hardworking, persistent, and able to catch the chance given by the fate and please others with music!

8. What is the ideal life for you as a musician?

 - Be engaged in music only; do not think about everyday difficulties and financial problems!  Give recitals actively. Travel a lot, get impressions and share with them during performance! Be able to communicate with famous, creative people and learn from them.

AA&A / Ксения Делиахметоглу ENG: Текст
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