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Graduated from the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory (class of Professor Yuri Bashmet).

Winner of various international competitions, including the VIII International Viola Competition held by Yuri Bashmet

Founder and Artistic Director of the New Camerata Moscow Orchestra.

Violist of the V. A. Berlinsky Quartet.

AA&A / Pavel Romanenko ENG: Приветствие


What slogan would you represent yourself while promoting your creative work? 

   -  Art comes first

 What do you value most of all in music?

    -  Chance to exchange with energy and emotions between performer and listener. Such a feeling, when every listener in the hall is “hypnotized”, when you hear only your own breath in the pauses - this is beyond the words! And, I believe the concert is successful when there is such “Magic”.

Most musicians say that thanks to their creativity they get to know themselves and discover new inner talents ... in what aspects has music helped you to develop?

   - In order to be true successful Musician, You should be well-informed in different areas. Studying Music, I learnt to go through details, seek for the truth, and due to the Music, I started to feel interest in various things that shaped my personality. And, of course, you should love sincerely to be successful Musician. In fact, most popular Music is about love. And, if you try to share with emotions in Music, you should live through these emotions. I remain convinced that in order to perform Walton's Concerto for Viola well, you should have experienced undivided love (The Concert is devoted to Christabel, the lady who refused Walton’s love). 

What does music mean to you?

        - Music is the Life.

Who are your idols?

   - You shall not make for yourself an idol.

If you weren't a musician , what would you like to do?

   - If I did not make Music, I would have taken up football. Since my childhood, I love football and everything associated with it. Sometimes, I have dreams where I am a professional football player. I often spend my leisure time playing online football, watch matches and follow news of the football world.

Do you think there are opportunities in Kazakhstan (or all over the  world in general) to become a popular and successful musician? Why?

   - It is pity, but the reality is that only talent is not enough for becoming a successful Musician. You should develop various qualities and do “home” practice. Of course, to work hard is very important. You should always remember (!) that a decrease of working hours leads to degradation; image for audience is often very important (unfortunately) than sounds; You need to be sociable and communicate with people. Charisma is the most important quality of an artist; We live in the third decade of the 21st century, so social networking is a very important part of our creative life.

What is the ideal life for you as a musician?

 - Now I live ideal life of the Musician. I manage own projects - New Camerata Moscow Orchestra and Berlinsky Quartet. I perform different Music with many talented Musicians. I cannot imagine other life for myself! 

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