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musicologist, composer, journalist,  educator, theater critic and fashion historian

Lira is officially Included in the list of “successful Kazakhs abroad” according to the World Association of Kazakhs, “Otandastar” Foundation and WeProject media.

Lira holds two Master degrees from the Kazakh National University of Arts and the La Sapienza University of Rome. At the moment she is continuing her studies in the “Music Business” program at Berklee College of Music.

Lira is the founder of the international charity project “PiuArte”, which has been presented in Scotland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Malta and Italy.

She also writes for international magazines such as Esquire, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Billboard Italia, Vamp Malta about fashion, music and art. Creative activity is dedicated to the dialogue of cultures and to the establishment of cultural connections between Kazakhstan and the countries of Europe and Latin America.

Lira collaborates with leading Italian opera houses such as Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, Teatro alla Scala and Teatro Carlo Felice. She is a guest theater critic at the Astana Opera House and author of research studies on Brazilian music culture, electronic dance music and theatrical costumes.

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1. What slogan would represent you and your art the most?

 - Music should be available to everyone.

2. What do you value the most in music?

 - It’s ability to capture those emotional statements that are inaccesible for logical comprehension. 

3. Many musicians say that they get to know themselves more and open own new talents because of your art…How the music influenced you?

 - I think music and creativity are like an alter-ego to me,  subpersonality that can be noticed only in the creative process. Music (as other kinds of art) is a reflection of a person’s  inner world. So it makes me complete, in a way. Allows me to express things I can’t say out loud. 

4.What does music mean to you?​

 - It is my instrument of communication!

5. If you weren't a musician, what would you be?

 - I am very interested in law, actually. I think I would become a decent human rights officer or I might have a career in international law. Even though, my parents always thought I’d be a diplomat. But everything is ahead, isnt it?

6. Do you think that musicians have all opportunities to become popular and successful in Kazakhstan (on globally)? Why? 

 - What does it mean - to be successful? For different people it has different meanings. For some it means to perform on big stages, to have high honorariums and to be popular. For others - it is just an ability to be heard. Possibilities? They are everywhere. Even  if  there are actually no possibilities - you can create them on your own

7.  Who are your idols?

 - If we are talking about people who inspire,  then the first person I am going to name is my father - Sadykh Bekbolatov. My first teacher, my rock,  talented musician and singer -  he was the person who taught me how to speak the language of music.  Also, I’d name Max Richter. I actually think he is one of the greatest composers of our time. And, of course, Ennio Morricone. Meeting with him has changed my entire idea of who is a contemporary composer. To get a blessing from this legend is precious.

8. What is the ideal life for you as a musician?

 - To not to depend on the opinion of others  and to stay true to your inner voice. 

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