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"Music revives and refines human’s soul and prevents it from hardening and prepares for perception of the Divine which is of prime importance in our age of pragmatism and digitalization" 

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What slogan would represent you and your art the most?  

  • Music is a window to the World of Fair!

What do you value the most in music?

  • Many great men gave the World direction: ‘Temet nosce’ which means ‘Discover Yourself’. Music allows You to discover the best sides of Your soul which may perceive the Beauty, Harmony and expand borders of Your personality and give a concept of the level to which You should strive. Music revives and refines human’s soul and prevents it from hardening and prepares for perception of the Divine which is of prime importance in our age of pragmatism and digitalization. 

Many musicians say that they get to know themselves more and open own new talents because of your art…How the music influenced you?

  • Music led me to the Lord! I heard Him in many plays of the great men.  They said that the Music of geniuses is great because a person is great, we were taught that Man sounds proudly (M. Gorky), but composing music, I realized that a person himself cannot compose anything unless the Lord touches the soul, ignites that Divine spark, otherwise composers would compose masterpiece melodies every minute making them like a programmed computer. Even the word ‘inspiration’ originates from the word ‘breath’, the Spirit breathes life into creativity.

What does music mean to you

  • Music is an infusive elixir for the soul, prayer, self-knowledge, and the language which helps to share with intimate things with people. There is so much love and beauty in Music that you can endlessly draw inspiration from this spring.

Who are your idols?

  • «You shall not make for yourself an idol"! But you have such people whom you admire since childhood and want to follow suit. Such person was my father – Sultan Kaliuly, the Writer and Poet. He was an extraordinary person, bright, kind, honest and at the same time remarkably many-sided talented and intelligent. I have never met such people in my life.

 Do you think that musicians have all opportunities to become popular and successful in Kazakhstan (on globally)? Why

  • The kind of Art where I can express myself like painting and shooting. No wonder Pablo Picasso said that "Artist draws not what he sees, but what he feels." Through these types of Art, you can share the irrational that is inherent in every human soul.

  • In Soviet times, there was a special plus in the state policy in relation to classical music: listeners were brought up. In ancient China, those who composed bad music were executed. Now globally there are processes where vile sides of human existence and passion are glorified; the Art is often done because of pride, and due to production business the things which do not deserve attention but effectively promoted and invested a lot become etalon. And therefore, the classic music that makes you reflect and recognize imperfection of own soul, think about the eternal, strive for the Fair is a fate for minority. Due to that, the audience is small. There are many opportunities in Kazakhstan and in the world to become a popular musician not only for listeners of classical music if you use similar tools for promotion which were used for other types of music. And sometimes a precious stone needs different setting through which you may reach out to non-classical listeners. This is a different modern visual sensational presentation and a competent director's concept. But even in this situation, it is still difficult to count on the massive perception of classical music given the huge funds invested in modern "pop" music.

What is the ideal life for you as a musician?

  • Ideal life of Musician is when there are:

1) close ones and relatives whom You love and their love inspires and supports You. 

2) health and terms for creativity.

3) aware listener and appraiser with whom You can share. No audience – no performer, composer, poet and artist.

4) major funds to fulfill creative ideas

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