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Laureate of numerous international competitions, ex-soloist of the state Forte Trio, soloist of the State Philharmonic named by Zhambyl. Virtuoso violinist, one of the recognized classical musicians of Kazakhstan and great as chamber music player.

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1. What slogan would represent you and your art the most?

   -  I appreciate an opportunity to be true to myself without any masks.

2. What do you value the most in music?

   -  Music made me more tolerant.

3. Many musicians say that they get to know themselves more and open own new talents because of your art…How the music influenced you?

    -   Speaking from heart to heart. Physical transmission of your feelings. 

4. Who are your idols?

    -   People who never give up. Although I know that people lying 150 meters away from the Everest are also undefeated.   

5. If you weren't a musician, what would you be?

   -   I think I would have been an athlete. 

6.  Do you think that musicians have all opportunities to become popular and successful in Kazakhstan (on globally)? Why? 

 -    If we speak from musician’s point, we are happy people to have an opportunity to play favorite music of great composers. From the angle of industry professional, of course, our “product” is almost as good as in Europe, we make it and make a lot. But our consumer unlike the European one still prefers to order a fast food.

I hope that everything goes to ensure that environmentally friendliness will become more in demand.

7. What is the ideal life for you as a musician?

   -   Ideal life for me is that it is unpredictable and imperfect.  

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