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Professional flute player

Aidana Madyar was born in Almaty / Kazakhstan and has been living in Austria, Vienna.  

She started her musical education at the age of six at the K. Baiseitova Music School in Almaty. During her studies she took part in national and international competitions and won numerous awards.

After graduating from school with distinction, she joined the Kazakh National Conservatory Kurmangazy. As a member of the student orchestra, she performed successfully in many cities in Kazakhstan, Europe and USA under the direction of local and foreign conductors. During her studies she was awarded the Presidential Grant for outstanding performance. She also won the musical scholarship Tengri.

She is currently studying flute in Vienna at University of Music and Performing Arts. Her music contribution in Austria includes participation at master classes, concerts, and international projects, both as a soloist and in ensemble.

Aidana Madyar is the founder and member of the “Duo Flute & Guitar” Ensemble

and recently member of "Ost Ensemble" (in Vienna).

Aidana Madyar was awarded the title Young Ambassador for Peace by the European – Russian Association for International Cooperation (in Vienna).

She was honored by the "Flame of Peace" Association for her achievements and her commitment to international dialogue and international understanding (in Vienna).

Aidana Madyar is a cultural consultant and co-organizer of cultural events

in the KultEurasia association (in Vienna).

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What slogan would you represent yourself while promoting your creative work? 

   - With creativity through life

 What do you value most of all in music?

    -  I appreciate  the influence of music on people’s emotional perception. It encourages us to think wider, changes our mood, heals the soul and makes us better.

Most musicians say that thanks to their creativity they get to know themselves and discover new inner talents ... in what aspects has music helped you to develop?

   - For me, music is a huge resource that helps me develop comprehensively in terms of emotional, creative intelligence and  discipline.

What does music mean to you?

        - Music is the universal language of humanity, through which you can be understood anywhere in the world.

Who are your idols?

   - All my colleagues,  who achieve goals despite the difficulties on their way.

If you weren't a musician , what would you like to do?

   - Since I can't imagine my life without creativity, I would have stayed in art, choosing another field of it.

Do you think there are opportunities in Kazakhstan (or all over the  world in general) to become a popular and successful musician? Why?

   - I believe that there are a lot of good professional musicians, who are excellent in their field. However, to become popular, artists need some assistance  in support and promotion.

What is the ideal life for you as a musician?

   - The ideal life for me as a musicians is to be satisfied with my performance and be able to share it with the public. Moreover, I would like to play music with colleagues, take part in many projects and try myself in different music genres . And, for sure, I’d love to teach music  and see the progress of my students.

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